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Friday, February 15, 2008

christian rules on project runway 4

The only person making Project Runway 4 worth watching is Christian. I have liked designs here and there from the other designer contestants but they haven't kept my attention as much as Christian. Without him, this season would lean on boring. The finals are coming soon and I can't wait for him to take the cake.

Here are my thoughts on the designs of episode 11- The Art of Fashion:


Would I wear this? No! But in any case, it's just as fierce as Christian. I love the attention to detail and the interpretation of a Spanish painting. It wasn't a painting I expected any of the designers to pick. If anything, I was surprised no one picked a contemporary piece at all. Off my tangent, I also love the androgany of the whole look. If I could have one piece, I think I would take the cape. It's the most wearable piece and would create an interesting counterpart to any outfit. I hope you win!


Jillian hasn't been my favorite designer but she surely knows how to create beautiful clothes. What a surprise to see a fun gold minidress underneath the impeccably detailed jacket. It's fun and flirty and I would totally wear the whole thing. How great would I look? I don't know. A friend said she might wear it if she was a size 2. Size 2 I am not!


Yes, he recreated a previous design that he collaborated with Christian. It's very reminiscent of the other dress though different at the same time. The similarities lies mostly in the extravagent neck piece. I do love the combination of taupe and gunmetal. They make for a nice contrast. This is the only individual design that I have liked of Chris.


Rami, Rami, Rami. Yes, he's a good designer. Yes, he loves to drape. C'mon... quit draping already. We want to see something different. His most memorable piece was probably this Levi's interpration because there was NO DRAPING and it was beautiful. Out of all his designs with drapings, this one is not my favorite. Maybe it was the color choice. Or maybe, it's just not that interesting.

Sweet P

Oh, Sweat Pea, what were you thinking? I have loved your cute, little dresses but I didn't love this one. I don't see the peacock and a train would have probably been a fun addition. The dress isn't well fitted from the front though I did notice it fit the model nicely from behind. The concept was good but the final product did not reach fruition.

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