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Monday, February 18, 2008

latest obsession- gap's european collection

I'm not sure why Gap receives so much flack.

I hear comments like:
  1. It's not fashion forward.
  2. It's too plain.
  3. Gap uses bad labor practices.
  4. I hate when I see 10 other people wearing the same thing.
  5. Their stuff is expensive.
  6. The quality isn't good.
  7. Their stuff fits weird.
In my opinion:
  1. Gap is not meant to be fashion forward clothing.
  2. Gap is mostly about basics. It's a store for the masses so they try to appeal to all.
  3. Gap has worked hard to make sure they follow labor practices. Currently, they have a department of about 100 people who's sole job is to ensure fair labor. EVERY brand/ designer is turning to Asia because of the cheaper labor. It says MADE IN CHINA even on my Theory and Vince pieces.
  4. As I already said, the store is geared for the masses. If you really know how to style, you can take a popular Gap item and turn it into something of your own. What's even funnier... the same people saying this probably wear a pair of popular jeans or carry a bag that they can be see worn on 10 other people easily. That's called trends.
  5. Gap is expensive? Maybe if you shop at Forever 21 and Target for all of your clothing.
  6. For the price you are paying, the quality is pretty good. This store definitely doesn't fit in the "disposable clothing" category.
  7. Okay... I have to agree with this comment. I can't really wear Gap pants as often as I tried. They don't fit in the crotch area.

Gap can be a hit or miss but I haven't gone to any store and liked everything I saw. Some seasons are definitely better than others. But to the point... I wanted to talk about Gap's European Collection. It was first introduced last fall online and in select stores in New York. I was lucky enough to find a couple dresses at a Gap nearby. I guess somebody returned them and their loss was my gain. They were two items that I was very interested in buying before seeing them in person.

For Spring 2008, Gap has reintroduced the European Collection and I couldn't be more pleased with the collection. I love the romanticism and ease of what they have to offer. The clothes have a no-fuss appeal. The neutral color options of white, khaki, black, and navy will create a great backdrop for your more bolder pieces. I have found several pieces that I think are the best of the pickings.

Feminine 3/4-sleeved cardigan
available in crinoline grey, celestial blue, or black

Striped boatneck T
available in blue or grey stripe
$19.50 (Are you kidding? That's a deal!)

Striped button-front dress
in navy stripe

Short empire dress
available in sugar cookie white or black

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