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Saturday, March 29, 2008

an assortment of scarves

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. It all started with my incessant knitting of them. I picked up some knitting needles, yarn, and a how-to book and away I went- knitting scarf, after scarf, after scarf. That year, it was everyone's Christmas gift from me.

I also love pashminas as it can serve as a scarf or a wrap or a shawl. I grab one and I'm good to go. I could post pictures of them but go to a street vendor or an airport stand and you can get a nice one for $10. I will be getting another black one soon while someone else is enjoying the one I left who knows where.

As the weather gets warmer, I still love to accessorize with them. They can take a simple outfit to new levels and keep you warm when the nights get chilly.

My favorite place for scarves is Urban Outfitters because they are fun and best of all- cheap.

American Apparel sheery jersey scarf $15

Urban Outfitters ikat printed scarf $20

Urban Outfitters birds in paris scarf $24

Urban Outfitters flower & feather silk scarf $28

Anthropologie ribbon candy scarf $42

Anthropologie grey prairie scarf $48

Anthropologie scattered breeze scarf $58

Kiyomi Kimble scarves $65-$80

Chan Luu Tie Dye Skinny Scarf $75

Love Quotes Italian linen scarf $85

APC muscadin scarf $93

Chan Luu crinkle skinny scarf with fringe $95

Leigh & Luca desert check scarf $188
(I dream for a Leigh & Luca scarf.)

Chan Luu cashmere and silk scarf $195

Loro Piana stole opera cashmere wrap $870
(neck heaven)

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