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Monday, March 10, 2008

an assortment of trench coats

Tim Gunn and Nina Garcia have convinced me that I need a trench. It's a closet staple that will stand the test of time (as long as you pick classic shapes). It works with all types of weather and instantly makes you look good.

I had it stuck in my head that I wanted one from Burberry. If that is going to happen, it will be many years from now because they are freakin' expensive (to put it lightly). I have realized that I need to open my options and see what trenches are available now. I found some from $69.50-$1288.

It wouldn't be a blog by me without including all the Mike & Chris options because I love the WHOLE line. Mike & Chris trenches are available in canvas, fleece, or leather; and they are all gorgeous.

Here is a sample of what's out there to make your own shopping endeavor for a trench easier. I have picked some classic and not so classic trenches. Hopefully, there is one to your liking.

Mike & Chris Jude leather Trench $1288
I wish I picked up one at Barneys when they were drastically marked down.)

Burberry London Poplin Trench Coat $995

Gryphon Timeless Coat with Belt $875
I love the belt; comes with matching fabric belt, too.)

Burberry London Double Breasted Trench with Travel Pouch $695

Burberry London Belted Trench Coat $695

Mackage "Lucy Lu" trench $550

Mike & Chris Quentin Trench $360

Mike & Chris Walker Trench $345
(I have this one in black)

Mike & Chris Simeon Trench $319

Mike & Chris Clarence Trench $308

Mike & Chris Oliver Trench $304
(The asymmetrical cut along the bottom hem is hot.)

Gap Cropped Trench $69.50
(This one will soon join my overfilled closet.)

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