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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

for the love of music- tegan and sara

I've become a huge fan of Tegan & Sara. I first read about them from a blog but not for their music. It was a post about their fabulous hair.

ON A TANGENT (If I was able to make a hair appointment two Saturdays ago, I would have gotten their modern day mullets. I happen to tell the stylist that so the thought must have been inspiration for my current haircut done last Saturday.)

To the point, I investigated the musical twins and loved what I found. As any band or musician that grabs my attention, I checked out their MySpace page. Their music is heartfelt and sincere. Their voices are unique and beautiful and well complimented with heavy guitars in the background. The beats just keep my head bopping.

I enjoy their music so much, I'm not posting just one video but two. I just couldn't decide. The Con is a phenomenal album. I don't think their is one song that I don't like. Enjoy!

Back in Your Head

The Con

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the_kitten said...

I loved their I Hear Voices so much - the song was probably on endless repeat!