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Sunday, March 2, 2008

latest obsession- mcdonald's iced coffee

A friend told me that in some survey, McDonald's coffee was rated #1. I recently tried it and didn't think it was half bad. It's definitely way better than Starbucks! I don't get that phenomona.

Then, I saw the commercials for their new iced coffee. You could say I was a bit intrigued. A few weeks ago, Hubby and I made a road trip to Houston for a family engagement. On our way back home, I had to stop by McDonald's and see what this iced coffee was all about. To my surprise, it wasn't half bad. They offer it in two sizes (medium and large) and three flavors (regular, hazelnut, or vanilla). Keeping it simple, I ordered a large, regular iced coffee. Large was GINORMOUS! I was a tad overwhelmed by the size. I got over that quick enough as I sipped my delicious drink. I loved how it had the perfect about of cream and sugar.

Since then (maybe 2 weeks), I have stopped by McDonald's at least a half dozen times to enjoy this guilty pleasure. I started off ordering the medium but found myself finishing it too quickly. It's become an addictive habit. Not only am I having my necessary morning coffee, I'm relishing an afternoon delight of some more java.

Large, regular iced coffee, please!

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