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Thursday, March 20, 2008

pierre hardy for gap

Pierre Hardy for Gap isn't anything new. The line has been out since the beginning of the month. At first glance, I didn't think much of the line but I find myself thinking more and more about them. I like their understated vibe. They are classic shapes made for modern day. Unfortunately, it's only available in New York (select styles) or online. How can such a large company limit their products that way?

The line is quickly depleting from the Gap site, too. I'm limited to the flats in my size and flats are too hard to purchase online. There is some good news. If I want the three strap platforms badly enough, I can get them from a couple stores in NYC via mail (at least since a couple days ago). I think they would be cute for the summer with little dresses. Plus, they would give me height without giving me pain. $98 (retail price of all the shoes) seems rather pricey for the Gap, but that's a fraction of the cost for the real deal.

I want me a pair of Pierre Hardys.

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Fruchtzwerg said...

oh lovely picks, my fav are the flats. I wished I would have a GAP store or could order them online. I miss GAP so much :(
The nude flats (which also comes in black) reminds me a of black flats which I owned