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Thursday, March 6, 2008

the celebration continues

Hubby wasn't pulling my chain after all! While watching the Project Runway finale, he was working on something. During commercial, I walked away and came back to find a wrapped box on the bed. He got me another necklace and there was a card included. Isn't it the cutest card? My eyes started to tear up because he usually doesn't make the effort to wrap. As he puts it, he's going green. I call it being lazy.

Here is the other gift. It's a Katherine Sise Fish, Horseshoe and Quartz Necklace. I have been wanting it forever so you can just imagine my excitement when I opened the box. To be honest, I'm slightly disappointed. It doesn't look exactly like the image found on various websites. The fish is longer, thinner, and darker. Plus, he doesn't have the fin details like I expected him to have. The quartz is also longer and thinner. I'm going to give the website my two cents and see what happens.

I put the necklace on today to see how I would feel. After taking some pictures, the necklace is still cute but not the same. I'm hoping that I will be exchanging it to look like what I expect.

Cold weather or not, I wasn't in the mood for pants. I hadn't worn this dress in awhile so it was a fine day to put it on. This time, I paired it with a button down shirt, purple tights, and Mary Janes.

Theory blouse
Gap "Lucy Liu" dress
Hue tights
Naturalizer heels
Katherine Sise necklace
Anthropologie bangles

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