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Monday, March 24, 2008

new things (continued)

Today's shopping experience was much better today than yesterday. I hadn't anticipated so many stores to close for Easter.

From the Gap, I have been eyeing several pieces, but being the bargain hunter that I am, I waited until they were on sale. My timing couldn't have been better. There were tons of markdowns today. Two things that I have wanting came down in price. YAY!

striped roll-sleeve henley originally $44.50 on sale for $22.99

wide stripe shawl cardigan originally $59.50 on sale for $39.99

On my shopping agenda, I was determined to find some new shoes. Lucky me found two pairs. I saw these slingback heels with cutout details along the side and they were whispering to me (in a seductive tone), "You want me," and I did want them. Though they have a four inch heel, they are very comfortable. I guess it all depends on the quality of the shoes. I also wanted a pair of gladiator sandals. Though I never paid any mind to a pair by Sam Edelman while doing my gladiator sandal research, I decided to try on a pair. To my surprise, they were perfect. I have been looking for the wrong style this whole time.

Latitude Femme "Lea" $200

Sam Edelman "Gilda" $85

I don't know how but this pretty, pink lip gloss by Laura Mercier stopped me in my tracks (while I was gone on my family visit) as my brother, his girlfriend, and I passed by the Nordstrom counter. I knew I had to purchase it the next time I was at the mall. I didn't expect it to be two days later.

Laura Mercier lip glace in bonbon $22

My other shopping mission was to buy my Hubby his birthday gift. It's coming close- April 3rd. It's not a lot of fun to buy him things. He never seems to appreciate it. I've noticed that he prefers to be a part of the shopping experience. Shoes from Adidas would be the perfect gift. We always walk into the store but usually leave empty-handed. He found a pair of shoes he liked but, to our dismay, they didn't have his size. I'm glad to report that I did find them online for almost half the price and will be ordering them for him. We didn't leave empty-handed though. I noticed an olive windbreaker with teal stripes along the shoulder and arms. He liked it too so I bought it. I'm so glad that his gift has been figured out.

Adidas Strider lo $120 (but I found them online for $70)

Adidas L-Windbreaker $80


Anonymous said...

Me likey the gladiator sandals!! Did you get them in that exact color? They're hot!


wroxton said...

I did. I tried on silver, asked Hubby if I should get black, and he said no. I'm surprised I liked them so much because I was ignoring this style (no back; only straps around ankles) but it works best for me.

Cleny said...

where did you buy the latitude femmes?

wroxton said...

I got the shoes from Nordstrom's. The last time I looked, they were marked down to $120 during the Half Yearly Sale and they also have them in a cream color.