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Monday, April 7, 2008

a double take

A year or two ago, I made my first trip to Forever 21 EVER. A co-worker had a cute polka dot headband and I wanted one. Going in, I was amazed at how cheap everything was. I was able to buy several tops and a couple headbands for about $100. It would also be the last time I would ever buy anything from that store. I disliked my purchase almost as soon as I bought it. The headbands killed my head. The clothes shrunk after a trip to the washer and dryer. It was just a bad purchase.

Since then, I have gone in the store one or two times but it's just too much. It's as if the store has been hit by a hurricane. I don't have time to sift through the mess. Plus, I don't care how cheap it is. Quality means something to me and I don't think you can expect that from F21. Not quite off my soapbox, no one that works there really wants to help you with anything either. It's every woman for herself.

After seeing so many cute things on others from Forever 21, I realized that maybe I should reconsider. Then I had an ephinany! I can totally avoid the chaos of F21 by buying online. I found several things I thought were worthy of purchase. What do you think?

madison bubble dress $27.80
pleated woven dress $24.80
sabrina knit dress $24.80

brilliant tunic dress $11.50 (are you serious?)
bubble sleeve dress $24.80
perforate floral pleat dress $29.80

gathered back knit dress $15.80
railroad zipper dress $27.80
woven colorblock dress $22.80

mixed media necklace $8.80
vanessa flat $21.80

Then there is their Twelve by Twelve collection. It's suppose to be a better quality line that groups items designed to go together and be worn together. It's suppose to be more "sophisticated" and geared to my age group. I wonder if that makes me feel better...

crinkled trench $69
delicate jeweled buttoned top $36
dip dye top with pockets $36

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Fruchtzwerg said...

1.row: yeah to every dress, seems to be classics. Especially the second dress, I already got my eyes on it

2.row: great deals and nice easy day dresses. The first one very nice, and versatile

3.row: I don't know how the material might be but the colors and cuts are great, especially the last dress

4.row: necklace yeah (fun, fun piece and reminds me of Marni) the shoes...I'm unsure if the material might turn out to be cheap. THe best thing would be to take a look at the store.

5.row: I've picked them as well :)

So you choose great dresses and pieces, you should get them all *lol*!