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Sunday, April 13, 2008

hits and misses

What a fun shopping day! I scored some great stuff and shopped for much longer than I expected (I was hoping to fit in a nap but it's too late now).

My trip started at Forever 21. This time, I would find three of the things from my F21 post- pleated woven dress, crinkled trench, and dip dye top with pockets. The dress was hideous, the trench looked cheap, and the top was okay but I passed.

I saw this necklace yesterday but the clasp was broken. This F21 had plenty in stock and I pounced on one. It reminds me of a necklace I saw at J.Crew but at a fraction of the price.

I saw this dress yesterday and tried it on. I thought it didn't fit but today I learn that I didn't undo it properly. I wanted it in yellow but I could only get it in grey. There's nothing wrong with grey. It was only $11.50.

This plaid trapeze dress screams warm, sunny days. To give it shape, I'm going to belt it, of course.

I just like this black dress. I wanted it in brown but there was no more in my size.

Next stop was Urban Outfitters. I found the dress I have been looking for and picked it up with the eton buckle belt. When I got home, I discovered a hole in the dress. DAMN it! It has to go back.

At Anthropologie, I was hoping to find the cardigans from today's other post. I wasn't able to find a single one from the Anthro website. Hoping a sales associate could help me, I was only directed to others. The others fit the bill and I was very pleased.

What a lovely necklace! It was originally $88 and marked down to $29.99. Debating on that and another necklace, I decided to get this one. It wouldn't hurt my pocketbook as much. Then it rang up for $9.99. SCORE!

I posted this Splendid wrap cardigan in my "an assortment of cardigans" post but I didn't expect to see it at Anthropologie. The sales associate pointed it out to me when I was trying to find the other cardigans. I was so happy to have found it (even though it was more expensive than online). I can't complain because they had my size.

This is another cardigan the sales associate found. Though it wasn't one that I was hoping to find, it still fit into the style I was looking for. Love! Love! I know it looks like nothing in the picture but it has a nice drape to it and is very soft.

Hubby is currently into green tea so I stopped by Cultured Cup to pick up this wonderful flavor called l'Opera.

Sumotech is my new favorite hair product. During my last trip to The Boardroom (a salon for men but the only place I know that sells Bumble & bumble), I bought Sumowax and asked for a sample of Sumotech. I didn't try it until last week and this stuff ROCKS! It gives hold but doesn't weigh your hair down and still keeps it soft and pliable. This is unheard of!

side note- I was purposely showing off Skurvy, a Paul Frank character, on my clothes rack. He hangs in my bathroom on the closet door. I love him.

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