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Monday, April 14, 2008

hook 'em up

After all of my jewelry shopping this last weekend, it got me thinking- How do I store them all? I have a jewelry box but it's overflowing. Getting another one would be silly. They are not the most ideal way to keep your jewelry organized. The compartments are not well designed to hold all shapes and sizes. Necklaces just get tangled together.

Then, I got to thinking. I should use hooks attached to the wall. I could put up as many as I need in a row and finding them would be so much easier. Your jewelry can become a sort of wall art. I've seen very cute ones during my trips to Anthropologie. Actually, I have some laying around somewhere that I found on sale awhile back. After browsing the site, I found many suitable options.

flourish hook $8

petal hook $8

gerbera hook $10

buttercup hooks $12

fleur de lys hook $12

coral hook $18

soda fountain hooks $22

triplicate hooks $22

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cator said...

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