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Sunday, April 27, 2008

i want lots of bracelets

After posting a long list of necklaces, it makes sense to follow up with my other favorite jewelry piece- bracelets. I love to hear the clitter clatter of stacks of bangles against each other. You could say it’s music to my ears.

I can’t reiterate how much I love the jewelry from Iosselliani. They’re edgy yet refined. They stand out in a world of blah. They are different.

I’m not a one note tune so there are other designers for your viewing enjoyment.

Danielle Stevens filigree bangle $25

Danielle Stevens X cuff $25

Giles & Brother bamboo bangle $40

Jessica Kagan Cushman 'What Goes Around Comes Around' bangle $85

Ronni Kappos abstract charm bracelet $110

CC Skye horsebit bracelet $120

Jessica Kagan Cushman 'Do You Have Any Idea Who I Am?' bangle $125

Juicy Couture heart chain bracelet $178

CC Skye wing cuff $184

Bing Bang knot bracelet $275

Bing Bang pearl bracelet $300

Gorjana gold studded bangles $345

Jeanine Payer 'Craig' bracelet $345

Iosselliani bangles $395

Iosselliani bracelet with rhinestones $415

Iosselliani set of 5 bangles $480

Iosselliani multichain silver cuff $558

Mark Davis 'Evalyn' bangle bracelet $1300

Jill Platner small diamond bracelet $1595

Pippa small multi-stone 'Colette' set bracelet $2600

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