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Sunday, April 20, 2008

i want lots of necklaces

I've been going crazy for jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets. Be it expensive or cheap, if it catches my eye, I daydream ways to wear it and, oftentimes, I end up buying it.

My present favorite designers are Iosselliani, Giles & Brothers, and SYdney Evan. They all have stand out qualities. Iosselliani is edgy, romantic, and elegant. Giles & Brother is punk with attitude. SYdney Evan is dainty and pretty.

Topshop mixed beads on thong necklace $21

Lenora Dame bowerbird necklace $24

Urban Outfitters tear drop pendant necklace $28

Topshop bright colours necklace $30

Anthropologie island moment necklace $38

Topshop tropical flower necklace $80

Gorjana double petal necklace $85

J.Crew enameled tile necklace $90

Wasabi carnelian multi-gem necklace $110

Ronni Kappos black and white pendant necklace $145

Giles & Brother multi chain necklace $178

Anthropologie alchemy necklace $188

Dana Kellin sienna mix necklace $194

Giles & Brothers multi strand necklace $235

Anthropologie circle art necklace $248

SYdney Evan 14K white gold and diamond skull charm necklace $350

SYdney Evan diamond feather necklace $415

SYdney Evan diamond crown necklace $425

Iosselliani rhinestone chain necklace $575

Iosselliani tangle necklace $575

Iosselliani crystal chain necklace $675

Jose & Maria barrera multi-strand necklace $690

Lanvin wood bead necklace $830

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