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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kerry Cassill

After a trip to Paris, Kerry Cassill discovered beautiful Indian prints throughout the city which lead to the creation of her own line of products. From clothing to housewares, she has created an amazing collection.

My first discovery of Kerry Cassill was by chance during a shopping trip to Barneys. I loved the fun print and the lightweight cotton of her short sleeve midi smocks. I ended up buying two. Comfy and pretty, they are perfection.

Later one, I would find a reversible robe while shopping at Anthropologie. Again, I was loving the soft cotton and bright patterns. The great thing about the robe is... when I get bored with a pattern, I can just switch it around.

Right now, I am wanting her scoop dress. It has the Kerry Cassill trademark in a short, little dress. It's perfect for spring and summer.

What I really want to delve into is the bedding! As soft as my smocks and robe are, I can't even imagine sleeping in such luxury. I don't know if I would be able to get out of bed.


quilt with a bag

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Anonymous said...

unfortunately you can't actually BUY it anywhere

wroxton said...

I found Kerry Cassill clothing at Barneys and Anthropologie. As for the bedding, I've only seen them sell their own stuff.

Alane said...

Mon Petit Chou Fluer (http://www.mylittlecauliflower.com) sells off-season Kerry, they have a limited selection of the bedding on their site at the moment but I know she has some comforters, and a number of pillow cases and sheets. Selection changes all the time. I helped them photograph the bedding and the comforters felt so nice.