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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

new do

I couldn't wait any longer. My stylist is good but not that good (okay, he is but still).

  • last Thurday: made hair appointment (only soonest available time is May 7th at 4:30)
  • last Saturday: call again and hope that someone else cancels (no dice)
  • all week: tortured by unruly hair
  • today: panic that I might miss my May 7th hair appointment because of an announced meeting
  • today: reflect- potentially miss my May 7th hair appointment and have to wait another week for haircut or find someone else (decide to find someone else)
  • today: call and find out someone else can see me at 5 TODAY (score)
  • today: rush to salon and let the stylist have free reign


Is it much different? Not really. Am I happy with it? Still deciding. What do I like about it? The bangs. What I question? The assymetical cut along neck. What would make me love it? If it was really short and tapered along the neck. What do I like about this stylist? She doesn't have someone else wash my hair.

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