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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

on an impulse

There is a very pretty store in Seattle, Washington called Impulse. Well, in my mind, it must be pretty because I have never been to neither Impulse nor Seattle. I fancy one day trips on my private plane just to shop at this store.

They have a website that features all of their beautiful clothing. It's rather interesting how it's set up. You can't buy anything direct from it; you have to call if there is something that tickles your fancy. It looks like a blog featuring endless pictures of their stock. I love how the pictures start off as a complete outfit and, one by one, a layer is removed to give you better details of the various pieces.

The clothes, shoes, and bags that they carry are effortless pieces that give off an air of nonchalence, comfort, attitude, ease, and simplicity. If I could, I would buy it all.

Pictures from Impulse

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