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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

shame on me

I was catching up on watching WhoWhatWearTV episodes one day last week. I had let several episodes pass without watching them. They seemed to have been sliding down on their appeal until... I saw episode 18- The Etro Look.

Suddenly, I wanted every piece they featured especially the Lux digital floral skirt from Urban Outfitters. Panic took over me when I saw only size 2 and 12 left (I'm not that little or that big), then just size 12, and then nothing online. Last night, I made a trip to the mall to find the skirt. Luckily, I scored the skirt in both colors- rose and black. It's one of my guilty actions... buying multiples of the same thing.

There were other things from the WhoWhatWear episode that I wanted so I looked around. As the guy helping me said, "No dice." I couldn't find the things I wanted. I did find some other pieces.

Western Plain Linen Oblong $28

This lovely scarf was modeled by a mannequin and I snatched it!

Again, I found the necklace on a mannequin. It was the only one there so I took it directly off her. I'm on the fence about the necklace since the clasp sits on the side. ODD! I love the clickety clack of bangles so I had to pick up this set.

I still have more I want to buy from Urban Outfitters because of WhoWhatWear and gosh, darn it... I better get them because the prices are a steal. Time to place an online order.

Kimchi & Blue double layer tank $15

painted leaf bangle $10

OKAY... the shopping doesn't stop there. One of my coworkers had on a knit top yesterday that I had to have. It's uncomplicated, lightweight, and soft. It never hurts to have extra knit tops. So, I went to Madewell and picked one up. It's my first time shopping there.

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