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Sunday, April 6, 2008

to be or not to be?- asos shoes

Fruchtzwerg of Fruchtzwerg's Island recently bought some lovely heels from ASOS. It got me thinking that I need to check out this site.

ASOS leather fringed front shoe boot

Upon finding the shoes, I saw that my size was still available. YAY! Then, I was saddened by the fact that it has a four inch heel. I can't fool myself. I wouldn't last an hour with such heels. Therefore, I can only admire them from a distance.

Don't feel sad for me too quickly. I did find two other pairs with three inch heels and a third with a too high heel (but I'm wishing they won't be too bad). Now, I just have to decide if the overseas shipping and custom duties are all worth it. What do you think?

ASOS Leather T-Bar Sandal

ASOS Leather Contrast Shoe

ASOS Leather Asymmetric Strap Sandal
They have a 3.5 inch heel. They don't look too steep. Do they?

There are many more sale shoes to be had. There were plenty more that caught my eye. Others that I had admired were described as "leather effect." That was a nice way of saying that they are made of faux leather. They kept my attention for about a second and then I came to my senses.

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Fruchtzwerg said...

Glad to hear that you like the booties :) I'm not a regular high heels walker and thought quite long about buying the booties or not. But I'm surprised that they are indeed comfy. I might have to practice to walk in them properly but I would start with 2hours walk and then slowly raise the wearing time. Don't start with a 10hours day!

I have ordered 4 other pairs but sent two back because one of them were too big and the second pair was faux leather (I have read the description though) and smells really fake. The remaining shoes were leather and patent leather Mary Janes, quite comfy so far. I would go for the leather shoes at asos.com.

And I also have my eyes on the turquoise sandals! They are great, how much would it be at with tax and shipping costs for you?