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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

work event

Tonight, I have a work function to go to. I quickly showered and changed for the event. I don't like work functions. My boss was kind enough to remind how important it was for me to attend and that the higher boss would be very disappointed if I wasn't there. Thanks!

I bought this dress about a year ago from Mango. It's a Jovovich-Hawk for MNG dress. That's how I was suckered into buying it (plus the $39 price tag). I figured Milla knew what she was doing. It has since been sitting in my closet. I'm not one for large prints and the shape of the dress is very 50s/60s retro- not my style either.

Every time I looked in my closet, I was blinded by what I thought was a god awful dress. All I think when I see it is- What was I thinking?

The thing the dress has going for it is the constrast fabric, pleated detail along the top and bottom hem of the dress. I also like the short length.

With my current fascination with belts, I figure add one on and see what happens. Maybe the dress isn't so bad after all.

Jovovich-Hawk for MNG dress
J.Crew cardigan
Zero Maria Conejo belt
Costume National sandals
Banana Republic bangles

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