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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

acne you (I) want

I can kick myself when I saw a ton of Acne jeans on sale at Barneys but didn't buy any. Back then, I wasn't completely familiar with the brand. Maybe it's because the brand was hard to come by outside Scandinavia until 2003. Now, it's much more readily available and I've come to love their translation of minimalist style.

udo shirt $205

hep raw jeans $225

swank short sleeve shirt $225

hex premium jeans $249

blanc blouse $255

mellow skirt $269

guide 2 dress $289

bella dress $299

bonita dress $299

flaunt skirt $299

hep prod jeans $299

melody 1 dress $369

awear t-shirt$499
(Why is a t-shirt $500?)

iman heels $519

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