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Thursday, May 15, 2008

american apparel

I have a shopping list for American Apparel that's just waiting to be fulfilled. Is it just me or do you also wonder what is the whole phenonoma behind the brand? It's not as if the quality is that great... especially compared to their pricetags. I find that a lot of the clothes look rather cheap, stretch out easily, or get holes quickly. Don't get me wrong. There is a certain appeal. You can rely on the same styles to be available season after season. You can buy your favorite t-shirt in a million colors. And as much as you might be disgusted by the man behind the brand, you are attracted to the brand's sexual undertone. Dov Charney is one smart man.

When I go into the stores, I love its stark white look and throwback to the 80s as a backsplash to the rainbow of colors you see rack after rack.

There are two times I shop at this store. First, there is the annual tax free weekend where I can save 8.25% of the expense. Then, there is the occasional 20% off any purchase. The other discounts (like the current 20% off swimwear purchase) don't appeal to me. During these two times, I can condone spending $26 for basic leggings or $34 for a t-shirt. (I know I'm odd; it's okay to buy a $100 designer shirt but not a $34 AA shirt but quality means something to me).

Okay... so I'm waiting for the next 20% off. I took advantage of the discount when it was offered during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope it's not Tax Free weekend that I have to wait for!

Back to my shopping list... I have been wanting sheer pantyhose after reading about this trend on various sites or magazines. Being such a huge fan of tights, I figure it would be a great way of adding fun color to my legs without sweating under heavy, thick tights. Unfortunately, I don't know if the industry is following along with this idea because I can't find colored pantyhose anywhere. I tried looking online, checking out department stores, and stopping by Wolford. You've got just your standard nude or black hose. I'm ecstatic that AA is finally releasing their sheery pantyhose and I want three pairs (colors as shown)!

Here is a kicker for you! I have no white t-shirts. I know. You must be wondering how I have survived without one. I have no explanation for you but my list has a couple that I want to get.

I have two AA scarves. I don't have a good excuse for wanting another one in mauve since I haven't even worn the ones I have but the color is so pretty. I have become a fan of mauve as of lately.

Then, there are leggings... one can always stock up on more.

I'm also very interested in the acid wash v-neck tees. Hubby has the crewneck version and it's very, very cool.

The only item on the list that is questionable is the raglan pullover. I love the easy attitude of the top but after reading some of the reviews, I worry that the short length will ride up. If they make a longer version, I'm all over it!

sheer pantyhose $15

unisex fine jersey short sleeve v-neck $15

unisex sheer jersey scarf $15

poly-cotton short sleeve women's t $16

cotton spandex jersey legging $26

unisex acid wash jersey deep v-neck short sleeve summer T $26

sheer rib 3/4 sleeve v-neck $34

tri-blend rib lightweight raglan pullover $34


Fruchtzwerg said...

AA has a fantastic marketing concept behind. Who would ever thought that basic shirts and some trashy items would have such an impact in our closets? Charney's interpreations of what our society needs nowaday is great although I hate his chauvinism in the ads. That kind of turn me off to buy there things. But there are some great pieces as you mentioned already the mauve scarf. I recommend you to buy it, because I have it too and it's great!

AA is really pricey, I've bought my skirt etc only on their discount offer for students otherwise it's too much money for me on a simple shirt.

wroxton said...

I saw that you beat me to the punch to get the mauve scarf. But then, I was waiting for a stinky discount.

You do a great job working the lame leggings, too. I don't know how all of you do it!