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Friday, May 30, 2008

easy, breezy, and beautiful

Co-worker #1: Those jeans look good on you.
Me: Thanks.
Co-worker #2: I've seen that top before. I need to get it. The color is good on you.
Me: Thanks. I got it at the Gap.
Co-worker #1: Aren't you hot? I can't wear jeans and long sleeves.
Me: The shirt is thin cotton. It wouldn't make me any hotter than the top you have on.

Wording of the actual conversation might be off but in my head, I was thinking- are you serious? One, the top is not long sleeve but three-quarter sleeves. Two, the top is very loose so won't cling to my skin as the temperature starts to soar. Three, it has that sweatshirt kind of look but not the feel (as I have already mentioned, the cotton is very thin). Plus, I can wear jeans all summer. It doesn't bother me.

The end of today marks the beginning of my vacation. Just trying to get all the ends tied and things put in place, I needed a care-free outfit. I think I achieved that.

Gap top
Paper denim
Roberto del Carlo sandals
F21 necklace
gold bangles from Mom
Vita bangle

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JL said...

Okay...that is the best outfit! You look totally good. Those jeans are great.