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Saturday, May 24, 2008

eye of the tiger

May is not suppose to have 99 degree weather. The heat and humidity is a tad much. I'm glad I wore what I wore.

Hubby and I seem to be starting a tradition of Saturday lunch dates. I met him for lunch and ran here and ran there. Of course, my "running" included some shopping. If you mail me a coupon for 20% off, I'm going to go use it. I've been posting my purchases but I don't know if that's getting old. Let me know. Do you care to know what I bought?

Rogan for Target tee
Marc by Marc Jacobs capris
Roberto del Carlo sandals
J.Crew bangles
SYdney Evan bracelet
Vita bangle


Fruchtzwerg said...

I think it depends on your purchases. If you're buying "only" regular basic shirts, that's probably not much worthy to write down an extra posts, but if it's something special and for your worthy to mention, than go and post it. I probably like to see an outfit combination of your newest purchases as well :)

wroxton said...

Good suggestion... I will limit my purchases posts to non-basics. You're so smart. FYI, I bought a dress, top, and skirt at Gap, another Splendid cardigan in platinum (grey), 2 CDs (Cut Copy and Radiohead), and Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii.

Fruchtzwerg said...

oh the Gap purchases sounds good, probably because I'm loving Gap and miss their stores so much in Germany!

wroxton said...

I think it's only you and me that like Gap. I won't wear everything they sell but I always seem to find something I like here and there. My dress is linen and bright purple... very fun!

Fruchtzwerg said...

I'm pretty sure that we are the only people who are liking GAP. Everytime I'm telling that my American/Canadian friends they are just shaking their heads and hardly believe that. I'm not obsessed with every product by GAP but there are plenty of things which are appealing to me.
I can't wait to see the dress on you, I'm loving purple!