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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i don't like toywatches

Well, I did like ToyWatches once. I was making my annual Christmas wish list for my hubby (guys need all the help they can get) and as I was browsing the Nordstrom and Neimans website, I saw the ToyWatches for the first time (I know; I'm lame). They looked like what I had been wanting. Lo and behold, Hubby chose to get the watch for me (aside from other things) for Christmas. It's been a good watch until yesterday when I noticed that two links broke and major rusting going on around several links by the watch case. We went straight to Nordstrom to return the watch.

After getting rid of the dead watch, we browsed their selection and Hubby said to get a Swiss Army. I had one when I was in college and I liked it so no problem. The ones I liked were in their mid-range price ($395-$450). I wanted to keep the large face chronograph style that I had.

Okay, I have a dilemma and this is where you are most needed. Help me decide what to do.

Option #1- Victorinox Swiss Army® Chrono Classic 40mm Watch

I left with this watch that had a stainless steel bracelet. I liked how it gleamed even though it weighed a ton. The problem is... IT WEIGHS A TON. I thought I would get over it but as I wore it from the store to the car, I couldn't help but notice its weight. Will I get used to it or will it burden me? Will I wear it or be too scared to damage it? I could go with a smaller face with smaller links but like I said, I want a large face watch.

Option #2- Victorinox Swiss Army® Chrono Classic 40mm Watch with Leather Band

My alternative is a leather band. If I get leather, will the hot summer causes me to have a sweaty, stinky leather band. Will I want to wear it in the summer? Oh, what to do. Then, I have to decide if I want a black band or a white band. The black one is safe. I don't always like safe. It is a nice watch and this is the one time that I actually like constrast stitching. It gives it some depth that I like (though I don't remember if the one at the store had the contrast stitching or not).

Option #3- Victorinox® Swiss Army Classic Chronograph Watch

Then there is the white leather band. Damn... this watch looks hot. I love the white but I'm not dainty at the slightest. I don't watch what I'm doing at all. Before I know it, I'll look down and I've spilled something on my clothes, I put a dink on my heel, or I have scratched my accessories. Will the white band turn a not-so-flattering brown?

Please help. What should I do? Stay with stainless steel or go leather? If leather, should I go black or white?

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