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Friday, May 9, 2008

impulsive shopper

One of my tragic flaws is that I'm a compulsive shopper. I see something, I love it, and I buy it.

I'm also almost as good of a returner as I am a buyer. Time has caused me to be a bit lazy about it and I don't take things back as quickly as I used to. So... sometimes, I end up with things I don't really want anymore.

I had a pile of things I wanted to bring back and since I needed to leave the house (forgot to do something at work), I decided that tonight was a good night to take care of my returns. Since I returned a few things, I justified getting some new things, too.

You might have noticed that I wear a lot of cardigans. There are four reasons for it. One, it can be cold inside. Two, I don't like my arms and covering them up with a cardigan makes me feel better. Three, I have a tatoo on my right arm and I don't think my workplace would appreciate it if it were exposed. Four, I work near my work place and don't need a part of the community getting a peep of my tatoo. You might have also noticed that a lot of my cardigans come from J.Crew. I think I have about ten of them. I'm getting bored with them and unintentionally found several that I really liked tonight. I had to cease the opportunity and get them while I found them.

Awhile back, I bought a Splendid cardigan from Anthropologie that I have been wanting forever. I didn't really pay attention to the fit and it was a bit big. Tonight, I tried to exchange the black cardigan for another one but they were all out. So... I got it in blue. I think I like it more. I also found another cardigan that I like.

Splendid "Natalia" drape cardigan $68

Line pleated detail no closure cardigan $98

A short while ago, I bought boatneck tee from Madewell because it was lookin' hot on one of my co-workers. She had on white and I bought it in black. After a handful of attempts to wear it, I decided it needed to go back. Funny thing is... I ended up getting it in white. It's weird how some things look better in some colors than others. I also found two cardigans. The girl helping me was wearing one and I saw another one in a display. I'm loving the color of the slub grandpa cardigan- almost neon purple.

slub boatneck tee $38
(UPDATE-5/10/08- This top is going back, too (I think). I tried wearing it today and it's no better than the black one I started with. I don't enjoy looking like a cow. Live and learn.)

grandpa cardigan $58

slub grandpa cardigan $48

It's been awhile since I walked into Club Monaco. It's one of those hit or miss stores for me. I would probably buy more if their stuff justified their oftentimes insane prices. I did find a belt that is very similar to one I already have but in black. I will be wearing it a lot.

Devon belt $49

I've been aching for Hourglass Cosmetics ever since I read a WhoWhatWearDaily post featuring one of their lipglosses. It was even one of my first blog posts. Unfortunately, I was having a hard time finding it. (drum roll)... It's finally arrived at Sephora. I also want one of their makeup palettes but I'm going to pace my Hourglass purchases.

Hourglass Extreme Sheen lipgloss in nectar $28

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allison said...

i'm coveting that grandpa cardigan!