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Friday, May 23, 2008

james perse

I've always had an appreciation for James Perse clothing. It began many years ago when I bought my first James Perse piece- an assymetrically cut skirt- from a boutique called Octane. Ever since then, I have slowly built up my collection of his clothing. A big fan of knit, I appreciate his ability to turn casual into luxury. When I find comfort, simplicity, and style within a brand, I'm hooked.

Today, I saw someone wearing an amazing white button-down shirt. At first, that doesn't sound very interesting but when lightweight cotton is paired with thin, ribbed side panels, you've got something very sexy. This shirt started a search that led to a desire for more things James Perse.

Don't be surprised if you see me in more James Perse.

long sleeve deep V $50

vintage short sleeve v-neck $55

racer back long tank $85

luxury jewel neck $120

pocket jersey skirt $120

long sleeve constrast panel $144
(the shirt that started this post)

sueded jersey button down $148

empire tucked dress $155

silk long sleeve top $175

belted peacoat $215

deep V tunic $225

long cardigan $275

cut-away sweater $295

Pictures from James Perse

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