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Monday, May 19, 2008

latest obsession- rogan for target

I recently blogged about Rogan for Target in anticipation of its arrival. It did not disappoint at all in the slightest. The line consists of modern silhouettes with interesting details... off color stitching at the buttons, animal prints, metal buttons, draping, and tabs along the shoulder. Plus, the fabric/ materials are of much better quality than past lines... FOR REALS!

On Sunday, I stopped by my local Super Target to check it out. Though a lot of it was already gone (this location tends to put the line out several days early), there was still plenty left. The whole intention of my trip was to try on the clothes and then run home to order online so I can take advantage of getting 10% off with a coupon code and then use my Lucky Rewards.

When I got home, my order was going to be around $300 and I needed to do some serious thinking. I told myself to sleep on it and place my order the next day. BAD DECISION! Half the things I wanted to order were already gone.. ALREADY GONE after just one day being out! Don't fret... I put all the things I liked on hold so I drove back to Target and bought it all. I'm so happy.

I have said this before but I truly mean it this time... this is the BEST Go Target line thus far. I won't mind wearing the clothes when the next Go line comes around.

Drape-Neck Plaid Shirt $26.99

Sleeveless Button-Front Dress $34.99

Linen Striped Tee $19.99

Printed Silk Blouse $34.99

Linen Sweater Vest $27.99

Tiger Print Graphic Tee $16.99

Tube Top Dress $39.99

I still have a few more pieces I want but will go the online shopping route. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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