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Monday, May 26, 2008

madewell 1937

About two years ago, a Madewel 1937 popped up in my part of the world. It's a J.Crew concept store that began with just two locations... Los Angeles and here. When I first walked in, I quickly stepped out. I don't know if I was blinded by the white, wooden fixtures or the candy colored clothing; or the similarity to stores like American Eagle or Hollister. It wouldn't be until this spring that I would set foot into the store again.

A co-worker had on a white, wide-neck slubby knit top that I instantly loved. When I found out that it came from Madewell, I realized that I needed to check out the store again. Oddly enough, the knit top didn't work out for me but after asking for some assistance, the sales associate pointed out some things I wouldn't have noticed on my own.

I've come to love their cardigans and scarves. Their cardigans are made of lightweight, thin cotton that is perfect for summer. You can get them in all body and sleeve lengths that your heart desires. Plus, the colors are so bright and vivid. They stock plenty of yellow and purple... two colors that I can't seem to resist (and I used to not like purple).

The scarves are also lightweight so you can wear them in the summer and you won't look like a fool. They are also wide enough to wrap around your shoulders if you are feeling a bit chilly. The combination of colors and interesting patterns are eye candy.

I have made three trips to the store in the last month and I have come out with a total of five cardigans and a scarf. The knit top in black and in white had to go back. So... I obviously love their cardigans and scarves. I'm thinking about venturing into their blazers and jeans. Oh... and I almost forgot to mention that they carry Philip Crangi jewelry. I really want the multi-chain necklace.

A good description for the store is funky-preppy. It's a cross between J.Crew and Anthropologie. It's definitely the younger looking counterpart to J.Crew. And the nice thing about the clothing is... there are no obnoxious logos all over the clothing.

This store definitely needs a second chance if you were first turned off. Ask a sales associate about her favorite things and you will get highlights of what the stores has to offer. Some of the prices are a bit insane but for some pieces, it's worth it. I will skip the items that have that beachy look but the basics are worthing checking out. I also hear that the sales are amazing and if you sign up for their emails, you will get frequent 15% off coupons.

Now with ten locations, see it for yourself. (FYI, the website is suppose to get an overhaul and you'll be able to order online starting this summer).

Here's a list of things I got (old school knit cardigan) and things I want to check out (I've also seen a preview for fall and there are some purchase-worthy pieces):

old-school knit cardigan $48

instant-favorite long cardigan $68

instant-favorite long cardian $68

pocket dress $68

perfect summer blazer $89

shirt jacket $89

skinny low jeans $98.50

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