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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mike & chris

If you haven't already noticed, I'm crazy about all things Mike & Chris. I was as giddy as a silly little girl when I saw that they've come out with a new collection for summer 2008. All I want to do is dream of a whole wardrobe full of their clothing.

Summer 2008 proves to be just as worthy a collection as their past seasons. I don't know how they continue to top themselves. I'm seriously loving their highwaisted shorts. I've never been a shorts lover but this pair have swayed me otherwise. Here's a sampling of what you can get your hands on. Enjoy!

(The model has some serious hair going on! I wouldn't mind dawning hair like that... for a day. They seem to always pick the perfect models to express the clothing's fierce attitude.)

'Vaughn' fine cotton twill shorts with high waistband $171

'Lionel' long sleeve baby rib hooded trench with side front closure $183

'Darrin' long sleeve fleece zip-up hoodie with front flaps $185

'Jensen' baby rib drawstring pants $193

'Ellis' 3/4 sleeve v-neck herringbone dress with piping $198

'Rylan' 3/4 sleeve Japanese cupro twill shirt with collar and waist tie $239

'Clyde' 3/4 sleeve scoop neck cropped nylon jacket $257

'Nathan' long sleeve lambskin leather zip-up hooded jacket with front flaps $775

'Kellen' 3/4 sleeve lambskin leather short trench $857

Pictures from Rarechic and Blaec

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Fruchtzwerg said...

oh you're faster than me, I was on my way to make a post about Mike & Chris ;) I'm loving their leather jackets, ´they look so divine!