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Sunday, May 11, 2008

a new discovery

Hubby and I went out for a lunch date and as we walked to the restaurant, he asked me if I had gone into a store we were passing. The location used to hold a store called Premium 93. I used to love shopping at its sister store Octane. Both are long gone and the brothers that started the two stores went their own ways. One now owns LFT (Lifestyle Fashion Terminal), a massive boutique that holds mini boutiques of various brands, a salon, a furniture store, and (I believe) a cafe. The other owns SaleGirl that resides in the old Premium 93 location. The thing is... I didn't know that. There is no sign in the front and I didn't even realize a new shop had opened there.

When Hubby asked if I had shopped there, that opened a wide door that I should (silly Hubby). As I browsed, the owner started to talk to me and explain the stores whole concept. He scours the country looking for last year's designer clothes for men and women and sells them at good deals. The idea is based on stores he's seen in NYC and LA. I saw clothes from Jovovich-Hawk, Hache, Graham & Spencer, and so on and so on. There is also furniture, house decor, shoes, and denim. Now that I think about it... I did read about the store in one of my DailyCandy emails.

I like the whole idea of the store and I hope it sticks around. They were having a buy one, get the second item at half off so I found a couple pieces. There was a very cute dress by one of my favorite designers, Built by Wendy. I have also been wanting a pair of Goldsign jeans in the 'Misfit' style and they had a pair in my size and in a wash that's perfect for summer.

Built by Wendy plaid dress

Goldsign 'Misfit' jeans

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