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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

not just for pixies

I'm coveting the online shop Pixie Market. Housing emerging international designers, they have storefronts in New York and California. The clothes they stock have bold colors, clean lines, and are all girly at the same time. The best part of Pixie Market is the affordable prices. You don't need to spend your whole rent check on a single piece. Instead, you can buy a whole outfit and then duck your landlord. Not bad!

green graphic scarf $65

pink horse scarf $65

Supersocial star print batwing shirt $85

Odd painter dress $108

Odd peach and grey dress $120

Supersocial yellow snap dress $139

Rekiem batwing jacket $159

Stylein Joey neon print mini skirt $179

Supersocial light grey bubble trench $192

FFilm yellow zip blazer $219

Supersocial royal blue jacket $289

Pictures from Pixie Market

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