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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

refined punk

You know... it's quite possible that I will wear a Rogan piece each day. I have enough to do so.

I almost didn't buy this jumper. I thought it would be one of those pieces from the Rogan for Target line that would still be around when the line would go on clearance. I am so glad that I got it for more reasons than you could understand. It's refined yet punkish and very comfortable. It flatters what it should flatter and hides what you don't want seen. I love that it has metal buttons painted white, one button is stitched on with pink thread, and there are pockets... POCKETS! Today, someone even asked me if I have been losing weight. That's always a good thing since I'm no skinny stick.

Vince top
Rogan for Target jumper
Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals
Iosselliani necklace
Banana Republic bangles
SYdney Evan bracelet
Tiffany bracelet


MONI said...

I'm not about this jumper....but it sure look so cute on you....I might order it online...

Philipp said...

Very nice and elegant sandals!