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Thursday, May 22, 2008

rogan, the real deal

It's safe to say that I'm completely OBSESSED with Rogan Gregory. When I first heard that Rogan was designing the next GO International line for Target, it didn't click in my head who he was. When I realized he is the designer for Loomstate, my interest in this Target line developed. I love what he's done for his exclusive line for Barneys. I have a Loomstate for Barneys hoodie that I adore for it's rainbow stitching that is a special treat for me as it can only be seen in the interior.

Okay, to the point, Rogan was extremely smart to collaborate with Target. If you are like me, you have a newfound interest in his actual line. I MUST include a Rogan piece into my wardrobe.

His clothes have an understated coolness about them. I like to call it refined punk.

And he makes furniture, too (for a later post).

Pictures from Rogan

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