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Sunday, May 25, 2008

to be or not to be?- ASOS purchase

I have been itching to make an ASOS purchase ever since I saw Fruchtzwerg (of Fruchtzwerg's Island) post her lovely purchase of a pair of ASOS leather fringed front shoe boots. I can no longer get the boots but I can still get another pair that I found when I looked up the boots, the ASOS leather t-bar sandal.

I was going to order them until I saw that it was $45 for shipping. I know; it's crazy right? So, I said, "Pass!"

Today, I see that Fruchtzwerg bought the sandals. She bought them! They are even lovelier than I imagined and I really want them. No, I NEED them!

So I went to RetailMeNot to see if there was a coupon code. Hey, I actually found one! I was hoping it would be for free shipping (in this case, it would make a huge difference) but better something than nothing. With a 60GBP purchase, I can get 5GBP (translates to about $11).

The sandals are only halfway to utilizing the coupon code. I'm thinking about getting a pair of ASOS premium leather contrast buckle platform sandals. I was eyeing them before I knew about the coupon but quickly took them out of my cart when I saw shipping would be $54. I would be out of pocket $180 (83GBP) total. Do you think I should buy both pair? Tell me why or why not. Or, should I stick to the must have t-bar sandals which would cost me $110 at the end? Or should I just daydream about them and save my money? You all know I shop too much.

ASOS premium leather contrast buckle platform sandal

ASOS leather t-bar sandal


Fruchtzwerg said...

hey, sorry I just saw that you asked about the fringe booties. I have wear them outside but not the whole day because I want my feet to adjust slowly on the heels. I'm more the flat shoes wearer than the high heels girls. They are doing well so far.
About the sandals: they are quite beautiful but the color is brighter than in the pictures not much pastel and I think that they are even higher than the booties (10cm?)It really sucks for you that the shopping costs are so much :( I don't know what I would do in your situation it would depend on my monthly budget and if I'm still have money left or not otherwise I would pass (but I'm a student again)

Alyrose said...

Wow.. Fantastic design!! Got a same design sandals for this spring/summer from Endless.