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Sunday, June 29, 2008

going away

I kept thinking about posting today but I'm getting ready to go to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow and doing things here and there to get ready (like painting toes, doing laundry, and uh... packing). I thought about posting some great sale findings but there are no sales that are driving me wild at the moment. I thought about posting pics of what I packed but after being able to fit it all in my carry-on, I wasn't in the mood to unload everything. Then, I thought I would post about what you should pack for a trip to the beach and so I might do that. I was going to find pics online of what I'm bringing but that's become a bit more tedious than I expected.

So... let's just talk about how to pack for a 4-5 day trip. I have seen a few other bloggers already write their own version of how to pack. I've even pulled out a couple of my books for ideas:

The Lucky Shopping Manual was a little bit of help. Some tips that I found helpful include:

  • Pack things you love to wear. Bring your favorite clothes, and you won't mind having less with you.
  • Look at the big picture. All the separates in your suitcase should combine well with each other.
  • Keep shoes down to a maximum of three pairs, no matter how long your trip. That's two pairs in your luggage and one on your feet. This forces you to think through potential outfits and carefully edit your choice of clothes.

The Modern Girl's Guide to Life was not much help at all except for the suggestions to:

  • spread out everything you want to bring on the bed, and only put in items that you can wear at least twice.
  • pick a color theme and build everything around it.

Both books then went into suggesting specific items. I considered The Lucky Shopping Manual ideas more as the other book listed things like a trench, a nautical striped top, khakis, sweat suit, etc. I'm not bringing any of that.

Okay... back to my packing. If I go anywhere for a week or less, I'm all about the carry-on. I HATE checking in my baggage. I HATE waiting in line. I HATE going to the baggage claim area and waiting for my bag. 9 out of 10 times, my bag will come out last. Hmmm... hate is such a strong word. I greatly despise all of these things.

This time around, I bought those space saver travel bags from The Container Store so I can maximize the room in my bag. Here's a tip for you: Don't buy them. They pretty much suck. It was a b***** to get the air out of the bag. They are not worth the $8 price tag.

Here's another tip: Make a list of the things you need to bring. My brother's girlfriend is also going on this trip and that's something she does. I thought it was a good idea. I didn't stick to it completely but it reminded me of all the important toiletries I need to bring with me.

So what did I bring?


  • hair- Bumble & bumble gentle shampoo, Bumble & bumble super rich conditioner, Bedhead Cocky thickening cream, and Davines Wizard No. 5 Matt Pliable Putty (because hotel stuff usually sucks and my stylist recently sold me on this putty because it helps my hair do whatever I want it to)
  • body- Kiehl's body lotion (I'm okay with using hotel soap.)
  • face- Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser and face moisturizer (I had a sample of the cleanser and the moisturizer is what I use for day).
  • teeth- Sensodyne toothpaste, floss (though I'm bad about flossing), and a toothbrush
  • make up- Laura Mercier eyebrow makeup, Chanel Inimitable mascara, Make Up For Ever blush and a couple blue eyeliners, Shu Uemura olive eyeliner, and Hourglass lipgloss (these are my bare mininum staples minus the eyeliners; the eyeliners are just in case I want a little more color)
  • razor, nail clippers, tweezers, make up brushes, eyelash curler, hair brush, laundry detergent and who knows what else (all things are acceptable by TSA for carry on)

clothes and whatnot

  • tops- 2 v-neck tees, a camisole, and a tank
  • bottoms- 2 pairs of jeans (I thought about shorts and drawstring pants but since I don't usually wear them, I said PASS)
  • dresses- one "beach" dress (to wear over swimsuit), one day dress, and one evening dress
  • sleep- a nightgown; and 3 tanks, 1 sweat shorts, and 1 sweat pants (the latter three can be worn to work out because I plan on taking advantage of their gym)
  • shoes- my trusty Roberto del Carlos, a pair of flip flops, and tennis shoes (for the gym and zip lining)
  • swimsuits- 2 tankinis, 2 bottoms, and a one piece (I just picked up the Rogan zebra print on sale)
  • pashmina, favorite jewelry (if you are a regular reader, you would guess correctly about what I bought), and 1 work out tank

(After writing all these, I realize that I forgot belts. I still have room to stick one in my bag so I'm bringing one.)

So... all of this fit in my carry on. I think I would have to declare myself the most efficient packer. I still feel like I brought a lot but since I still have room in my bag, I did okay. But my bag is a bit heavy... damn it, I might have to check in.

I still have my "personal" bag. I don't usually carry my purse. I carry a bigger bag and stick my purse in it. For this trip, I'm bringing my mini Malababa bag. I don't need to carry a big bag; just something enough to carry my wallet, my phone, my camera, and some lip gloss. Aside from my purse, the bag is also holding a book (that I want to blog about later), some magazines, my iPod Touch, camera, sunglasses, and a travel blanket and pillow. You heard me... I bring a travel blanket and pillow with me. I have a hard time sleeping in any bed but my own (unless it's a Westin Heavenly bed or at the Four Seasons and I'm not staying at either) so having something familiar just makes it a bit easier.

This post didn't go exactly as planned (though I didn't really have a plan at all). I wanted to give travelling advice and list essential items. I kind of did that. At some moments, I got overly detailed but I'm not about to edit that.

If I think of something else, I'll include it in the morning.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

target go international private label collection 2

Target is spitting out Go Collections faster than I can say, "Go Collection." Tomorrow, they release their next Private Label Collection. My local Super Target likes to put the line out early so I went this afternoon. I was left with less than half empty racks that have been well picked. Many pieces I didn't even see at all. That isn't to say there wasn't anything for me to try on. I was surprisingly pleased with the whole line (or what was left of it). When I first saw press release pictures of it, I was less than impressed because it was ruffly and filled with tropical colors. Don't let the pictures fool you or the polyester material. I found many of the pieces well-made, consisting of breathable material, and very flattering.

When I left, I came out with two cowlneck tanks (one in a floral print and one in orange which looks more like red; I like the ties at the end of the straps and the easy drape of the body), a camisole in floral print (it has an elastic bottom to give it a fun shape), and the multi-layer ruffle skirt (which I didn't expect to like at all). Oh... and I picked up some clearance Rogan pieces, too (because when things go on sale, they suddenly become so much more attractive).

First thing in the morning, I will be checking out the Target website to see what else I have in store for me.

Tiered Ruffle Dress $39.99
Button-Front One-Shoulder Ruffle Top $22.99
Tiered Ruffle Miniskirt $26.99
Cowlneck Tank $24.99
Stripe-Back Tank $14.99
Slash-Pocket Shorts $24.99
Ruffle Tank Dress $34.99

Double Breasted Linen Jacket $44.99
Tiered Ruffle Top $29.99
Slash-Pocket Shorts $24.99
Camisole $29.99
Double-Layer Stripe-Back Tank $16.99
Linen Shorts $26.99
Stripe Dress $29.99
Camisole $22.99
Graphic Tee $17.99
Wide-Leg Linen Pants $39.99

Pleated Poet Top $24.99
Ribbed Tank $14.99
Multi-Layer Ruffle Skirt $29.99
Cowlneck Tank $24.99
Stripe-Back Tank $14.99
High-Waist Gauze Skirt $26.99
Button-Front Tank with Pockets $19.99
Embroidered Tank $16.99
Wide-Leg Linen Pants $39.99
Button-Front Tank with Pockets $19.99
Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Top $16.99
Ruffle Bikini Bottom $16.99

Drop Waist Ruffle Dress $26.99
Embroidered Tank $16.99
Stripe Back Tank $14.99
Flounce Miniskirt $26.99
Button-Front Ruffle Dress $29.99
Romper Dress $34.99

Friday, June 27, 2008

new things

I almost didn't make it to the Sales Girl Dallas "road trip" today. It was much farther north than I realized and I went up and down the Tollway totally clueless where I was suppose to go. All I knew it was off the Tollway and I kept thinking I passed it when I didn't. That wasn't fun at all. After an hour, I finally made it... just 20 minutes before it was closing. The lady was really kind and said- no worries... you have 30 minutes.

I was disappointed in the selection but that was probably a good thing. I still found three great deals. I was kindly given more than 80% off on two of the items, too. I can't wait to wear them!

LaRok "Cecia' top- originally $200, purchased for $40
(But I thought it was a dress?)

Built by Wendy sparkle party dress- originally $230, purchased for $40
(It has tiny polka dots.)

J. Lindeberg 'Petronella' ultimate tux vest- originally $205, purchased for $30

extreme hair

Can you tell that something's changed? I got a haircut from my beloved Sergio. Again, I gave him free range. We started to look at a book together and one haircut caught my eye... so this is what it was meant to be. The book didn't have the long strands but he wanted to keep them. Hubby likes the cut but thinks the strands are stupid. Sergio was so proud of the cut that he started to show my cut to others. I felt a little embarrassed. Now, I'm off to go bowl!

As for the outfit, I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt, favorite jeans, favorite shoes, favorite bracelets, and favorite necklace. That wasn't intentional but it's true.

American Apparel acid wash v-neck
Rich & Skinny jeans
Roberto del Carlo sandals
Iosselliani necklace
Banana Republic bangles
Urban Outfitters cuff
Phillip Crangi for Gap bracelet
Tiffany bracelets

i wish you were mine

It's a fact that Iosselliani makes the most beautiful jewelry- a FACT! I'm lucky to have one piece. Hubby got it right when he bought me the serpent necklace for my birthday back in March. He had some help since I gave him a wish list (but he could have gotten me Guitar Heroes instead; my brother ended up getting me that). Back to the whole purpose of this post, I want everything Iosselliani.

The next piece of lovely jewelry I want from them is their stack of rings. I was playing with Barneys' selection of Iosselliani and I was really drawn to the rings (though I'm not really a ring wearer). They were so shiny and pretty on my little fingers. I'm not going to buy them though.They are too lovely for my to buy for myself. Instead, I'm going to put them on my Christmas wish list with an enlarged picture and giant-size, bold font so Hubby gets the point. Still... I wish you were mine NOW.

Iosselliani stack of rings $285

shu uemura gift with purchase

This is probably the best gift with purchase you will ever find. I saw this offer before but I reacted as quick as a tortoise and no free gift for me. It's back and available through June 29th. Buy anything from www.shuuemura-usa.com and use code shubabes to get a free mini eyelash curler (retails for $17), a free sample of balancing cleansing oil, and free shipping.

I already have a million Shu Uemura products but what's one more? I ordered the tri-color eye pencil in aqua flow because blue looks cool on Asian eyes (I hope you realize that I'm Asian by now). Also, it's a new product and I don't have it. So... for $25, I got hooked up! I hope it's all that I dream it to be so I can pick up the other tri-color eye pencil in energy flow.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

sale girl dallas

I don't think this applies to most of my readers but you never know right? Sale Girl Dallas is a very interesting concept- at least for Dallas. If you are in New York City or Los Angeles, you probably have similar concepts in your area. The people behind Sale Girl Dallas travel across the country to find last season bargains and then pass them on to their consumers. They have a storefront but they also have "road trips." There are good deals to be had at their store but even better deals on these "road trips." For the next two days, they will be at the Courtyard by Marriott right off the Dallas Tollway and they will be bringing with them designer merchandise that's 80% off their retail prices. Admission is free and cash and credit cards are accepted. I will be there for sure as a road trip newbie. I hope it's as good as it sounds.

right before my eyes

Remember the mood rings of grade school days? Somehow, they were suppose to determine your mood by the ever changing color. I don't remember having one but I do remember finding them peculiar. There were also pencils that changed color once you gripped them. Now, I like those. But then, I like pencils of all assortments. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were color changing t-shirts by Generra Hypercolor but I barely remember those. I guess I didn't have one.

Every once in awhile, I like to go to the American Apparel website and check out their "coming soon" section. I was a bit intrigued when I saw that they were carrying their own thermochromatic t-shirts... shirts "made with a temperature sensitive pigment that changes between two colors - one when cold, one when warm." It brings me back to days of mood rings and color changing pencils. Hmmm... if the shirt starts to change to a light color, could you say that you are getting excited, nervous, or anxious?

It also says "avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight." I wonder what would happen. Supposedly, your shirt would get ruined but how? Anyways, the idea is pretty cool. If only they made such a shirt in one of their deep v-necks, my American Apparel t-shirt of choice. If you like them, you can get your hands on one now.

American Apparel unisex thermochromatic sheer jersey t-shirt $34

Soon after, I would discover the label ANZEVINO and FLORENCE and their own version of color change clothing. If you have a few extra bucks to spare, I would go this route. I prefer the boatneck cut and raw edge detail of their T. They also have an equally fabulous tank dress. I want one of each!

ANZEVINO and FLORENCE colour change t $68

ANZEVINO and FLORENCE colour change tank dress $84

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

trying to keep cool

It's a really hot day and I'm just trying to keep cool (while getting to wear my new belt).

MNG by Mango dress
Anthropologie belt
Pierre Hardy for Gap sandals
Urban Outfitters necklace
Vita bangle
gold bangles from Mom
SYdney Evan bracelet


ASOS.com is one of those odd sites that creates a love/ hate relationship (at least for me). I was never one to check out the clothes because... well, the pictures are rather cheesy and if there is any cuteness in the clothes, it's hidden by uninteresting photography. The only thing I have been looking at are their shoes because ASOS makes some pretty hot looking shoes. Then, I had to do a retake when I saw a great outfit here when I was being a stalker on Chictopia. Suddenly, I realized that I should check out their clothes. Since shipping on clothes isn't as demoralizing as their shoes, now I'll allow myself to worry about sizing because converting between UK and US sizing is bewildering.

ASOS Twist Strap Button Front Jersey Dress $43
ASOS Ticking Stripe Pocket Dress $61
ASOS Floral Prom Dress $65
ASOS floral mini prom dress $82

French Connection Rib Panel Jersey Dress $97
Max C Frill Front Deer And Flower Tea Dress $97
Max C Heart Print Silk Gathered Chiffon Dress $97
Bizz Bow Front Ruffle Trim Dress $119

Lipsy Print Silk Dress $119
French Connection Dot Effect Frill Trim Dress $141
Miss Milne Structured Body Con Zebra Print Dress $156
Jovonna Tie Back Silk Layered Dress $162

ASOS Jersey Pocket Skirt $43
ASOS Ditsy Mini Ra-Ra Skirt $48
ASOS Pocket Front Full Skirt $54
ASOS Stripe Gathered Skirt $61

ASOS Set of Mixed Finish and Size Bangles $17
French Connection Elastic Clip Belt $32
ASOS Leather Studded T-bar Patent Wedge Sandal $78

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the sales keep coming

I'm being tortured by all of these sales because I can't buy anymore (as if that thought really stops me). I got emails for these coupon codes today and I have to share the bargain news with you! I'm going to take advantage of this Urban Outfitters coupon code. There has been stuff sitting in my cart forever!

Click on the images to direct you to the site!

Urban Outfitters
coupon code SECRETSALE

coupon code HEATWAVE08

code JULY408

cute pincushions

These are the cutest, freakin' pincushions I have ever seen and I never thought I would say something like that. I don't know how I found them but I'm glad I did. Oh... I think I remember! I put in a search for fish while doing my regular browsing of Etsy and there they were. Fish happen to be another motif that I love.

Tonight, I decided to go to Etsy and check out my favorites. I saw the goldfish pincushion and to my happy surprise, I noticed that the seller ReFabulous had listed a few more pincushion varieties. She makes them to order and she also happens to be a fellow Texan (you rarely hear me declare myself a Texan... EVER).

All of my thread, needles, buttons, etc. are currently sitting in a tin that once held soap. A friend had given it to me one Christmas and when I was finished with the soaps, I had to put the tin to good use. It's not normally this neat but I had to clean it up before showcasing it.

I have the traditional tomato pincushion to hold my needles and pins. BORING! I think I need a cupcake pincushion! Wouldn't you agree? I would also need to buy some new pins with colored tips. Cupcakes need sprinkles!

glub glub goldfish pincushion $8

water lily pincushion $8

raspberry cupcake pincushion $9

Monday, June 23, 2008

a peculiar place

Hubby and I went to Ikea today. I'm a sucker for commercials and a recent Ikea commercial was so funny, I had to go. It was announcing the current sale though I didn't see much on sale. We spent over two hours looking at everything, sitting on sofas, and just plain playing around. Every time I liked something, the first thing I said was, "Does this look cheap?" No matter how much you like the design, you really have to acknowledge the crappy quality. I wonder if people in Sweden love Ikea as much as people do in the States.

Anyways, we bought a mirror for above the bedroom dresser, a plant with a pot, some hangers, and some plain pillows. I bought fabric LAST YEAR with intentions to make pillow covers. Maybe I will fulfill this project this summer.

As you might have noticed, my hair is looking pretty slick. I am having one of those bad hair days. I don't know how much time I spent trying to fix my hair. The end result was slicked hair. Hey... that's all I could do. I am so grateful now for my Friday hair appointment (that I made three weeks ago).

Marc by Marc Jacobs top
Anna Sui camisole
Paper Denim jeans
Kenneth Cole Reaction sandals
J.Crew necklace
gold bangles from Mom
SYdney Evan bracelet
Vita bangle

Sunday, June 22, 2008

new belt

I was given an Anthropologie gift card but I didn't know what I wanted to spend it on. I wanted to use it on bowls but my kitchen cabinets have room for nothing else. I wanted to use it on shoes but I couldn't figure out what pair I wanted most. I've gone to the Anthropologie at the mall but nothing completely wowed me. There were kitchen knicks here and there but like I said, I have no place to put it.

Yesterday, I went to a different Anthropologie and they were loaded with all kinds of belts... a completely different situation from the other location. I left with three belts and a nightie. They are also looking for another belt and nightie from another store. I hope they find it!

Tonight, Hubby and I are going out to eat. He wanted sushi and I thought we could go to Shinsei (you might have heard of it because executive chef Casey was a finalist on Top Chef two seasons ago) but they are CLOSED on Sundays. Now that I have had sushi there, I don't want to go anywhere else. Hmmmm...

Gap shirt
Hudson jeans
Anthropologie belt
Roberto del Carlo sandals
Lydell NYC necklace
Vita bangle
gold bangles from Mom
SYdney Evan bracelet
F21 cuff

barneys sale

As you already know, I've hit up the Barneys sale. Last week, they were more markdowns up to 60% off. Many things were added to the sale while others reached their second markdown. I suggest you run to Barneys and take advantage of what's left to be had.

You're gambling if you decide to order online. Supposedly, the inventory is taken from stores so they are not completely accurate. Once, I made the mistake of ordering something like six pairs of jeans but only one came in the mail. $12 to ship six pairs was okay but not to ship one.

Use the website to pre-shop. Find what you like and make a list of it. Then, call or visit your local Barneys to see if they have those items. The website might say there is one size left but your Barneys might have more. I wouldn't have found my new Chloes if I hadn't done this.

Keep your receipt. If the price goes down further, they will price adjust. I don't know the allowed period but if you have a really nice sales associate, they will bend over backwards for you.

If I could spend more, I would get the things below. They are ridiculously marked down. Why pay full price if you don't have to?

Marc by Marc Jacobs tie waist polo $59

Ella Moss striped jersey dress $79

Generra wrap dress $79

Mike & Chris cropped jacket $99

Helmut Lang drape front dress $99

Wayne bubble dress $109

Rag & Bone side button blouse $119

Helmut Lang coated linen mini dress $119

Marc by Marc Jacobs airliner French purse $129

Goldsign 'Misfit' jeans $139

Vince belted anorak $139

Rodnik 'Ludwig Van' top $159

Alexander Wang snap front cami $159

Acne Jeans guide tank dress $189

3.1 Phillip Lim fan dress $189

Marc Jacobs 'Trompe L'Oeil' flat clutch $199

Michelle Mason ruffle mini dress $219

APC classic trench $229

Vena Cava 'Truesdale' dress $279

Kooba 'Bobby' clutch $299