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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

cute pincushions

These are the cutest, freakin' pincushions I have ever seen and I never thought I would say something like that. I don't know how I found them but I'm glad I did. Oh... I think I remember! I put in a search for fish while doing my regular browsing of Etsy and there they were. Fish happen to be another motif that I love.

Tonight, I decided to go to Etsy and check out my favorites. I saw the goldfish pincushion and to my happy surprise, I noticed that the seller ReFabulous had listed a few more pincushion varieties. She makes them to order and she also happens to be a fellow Texan (you rarely hear me declare myself a Texan... EVER).

All of my thread, needles, buttons, etc. are currently sitting in a tin that once held soap. A friend had given it to me one Christmas and when I was finished with the soaps, I had to put the tin to good use. It's not normally this neat but I had to clean it up before showcasing it.

I have the traditional tomato pincushion to hold my needles and pins. BORING! I think I need a cupcake pincushion! Wouldn't you agree? I would also need to buy some new pins with colored tips. Cupcakes need sprinkles!

glub glub goldfish pincushion $8

water lily pincushion $8

raspberry cupcake pincushion $9

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eeps. said...

you know, it's not that hard to make cupcake pincushions. i made 10 last year and gave them all away to my mom, her friend, my family and my friend's moms (i made them as gifts for anyone who's a mom, basically). all you need is some felted wool, which is basically a wool sweater you've messed up in the wash, and some fabric glue. i found instructions on marthastewart.com. seriously, not hard at all and i'm no DYI-er!