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Monday, June 9, 2008


I don't cook very often but not because I don't enjoy it. If I had a huge kitchen with professional appliances, it would happen more often (or maybe if I at least had a gas stove). Instead, I have a small kitchen with an electric stove and not much circulation.

I thought I'd share what I cooked because it was so pretty. We grilled kona kompachi (one of my favorite fish) and put it over jasmine rice. To keep the healthy flare going, it was accompanied with a salad of watercrest, cucumber, tomato, and an oil/ soy sauce dressing (that my mom made; when I visit, I try to get her to make little things that I can take back with me). For some odd reason, Hubby wanted croutons in his salad though it wasn't very fitting.

presentation= pretty
taste= okay (fish)/ yummy (rice)/ yummy (salad)

The fish was rubbed with potlatch spice rub with oil, salt, and pepper. It was my first time using the rub and all I can say is... it was okay.

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