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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

giving some love to barneys

As I looked at the shoes sales racks at Barneys, the following conversation occured:

sales associate: I love your Roberto del Carlos.
me: Thanks. I got them here.
sales associate: I know.

I mentioned yesterday that I went shopping with a friend to help her find a bag and run some errands. I didn't plan on being near shoes, looking at shoes, or buying shoes. But damn... there were so many great pairs to be had. I couldn't resist and bought four pairs. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep them all.

Manolo Blahnik Acate slingback $290
(This is my first Manolo purchase. The color is a lot of fun and the heel height is just right. I also like that they are not stuff looking so they will go well with jeans or a pretty dress.)

Costume National asymmetric wedge $210
(The shoes are so FIERCE from the front but the strap that goes along the heel is kind of odd. There is nothing holding it down closer to the back so these shoes would flop just like flip flops... noise and all.)

Leopoldo Giordano interlock slingback $145
(This one is a must keep because I just freakin' love the color, the peep toe, the patent leather, and the interlocking design.)

CO-OP Barneys taper toe slingback $115
(Ever since I got my nude Roberto del Carlos, I love nude shoes. They are so easy to wear. These shoes also have the perfect tapered toe.)

Being the concerned (as well as impulsive) shopper that I am, I want to make sure I made good purchases. I have a tendency to wait awhile before I wear new things. Tell me what you think. Did I make good purchases?


girl6_nyc said...

Love the coop slingbacks, the leopoldo's & blahnik's are similar to me, so 1 would go back. The Costume National are giving me Steve Madden vibes & not in a good way. There are a lot better Costume National shoes out there.

wroxton said...

A friend said the same thing and I don't want a Steve Madden vibe at all! Thanks for the help.

wroxton said...

girl6_nyc, I read your post wrong and with the help of a friend, I realized that you suggested taking two pairs back. Silly me. She did agree with you that the Costume Nationals should go back.

girl6_nyc said...

After looking at the shoes again, I say only the Costume Nationals should go back. The toe shape on the Barney shoes are PERFECTION!

wroxton said...

Those darn Barneys shoes already got a scuff on them and I haven't even worn them yet. I think it happened while I took pictures of them. First picture, no scuff. Second picture, scuff. I need to get nude leather heels. I can't even imagine what these patent shoes will look like after one wear. So, they are going back with the Costume Nationals. I like the Costume Nationals a lot (they look even better on than just pictured) but the insole is white and it won't look so nice once worn. When I go back, maybe I will find a better replacement. I love the Leopoldos and Manolos... so excited about them.