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Sunday, June 29, 2008

going away

I kept thinking about posting today but I'm getting ready to go to Puerto Vallarta tomorrow and doing things here and there to get ready (like painting toes, doing laundry, and uh... packing). I thought about posting some great sale findings but there are no sales that are driving me wild at the moment. I thought about posting pics of what I packed but after being able to fit it all in my carry-on, I wasn't in the mood to unload everything. Then, I thought I would post about what you should pack for a trip to the beach and so I might do that. I was going to find pics online of what I'm bringing but that's become a bit more tedious than I expected.

So... let's just talk about how to pack for a 4-5 day trip. I have seen a few other bloggers already write their own version of how to pack. I've even pulled out a couple of my books for ideas:

The Lucky Shopping Manual was a little bit of help. Some tips that I found helpful include:

  • Pack things you love to wear. Bring your favorite clothes, and you won't mind having less with you.
  • Look at the big picture. All the separates in your suitcase should combine well with each other.
  • Keep shoes down to a maximum of three pairs, no matter how long your trip. That's two pairs in your luggage and one on your feet. This forces you to think through potential outfits and carefully edit your choice of clothes.

The Modern Girl's Guide to Life was not much help at all except for the suggestions to:

  • spread out everything you want to bring on the bed, and only put in items that you can wear at least twice.
  • pick a color theme and build everything around it.

Both books then went into suggesting specific items. I considered The Lucky Shopping Manual ideas more as the other book listed things like a trench, a nautical striped top, khakis, sweat suit, etc. I'm not bringing any of that.

Okay... back to my packing. If I go anywhere for a week or less, I'm all about the carry-on. I HATE checking in my baggage. I HATE waiting in line. I HATE going to the baggage claim area and waiting for my bag. 9 out of 10 times, my bag will come out last. Hmmm... hate is such a strong word. I greatly despise all of these things.

This time around, I bought those space saver travel bags from The Container Store so I can maximize the room in my bag. Here's a tip for you: Don't buy them. They pretty much suck. It was a b***** to get the air out of the bag. They are not worth the $8 price tag.

Here's another tip: Make a list of the things you need to bring. My brother's girlfriend is also going on this trip and that's something she does. I thought it was a good idea. I didn't stick to it completely but it reminded me of all the important toiletries I need to bring with me.

So what did I bring?


  • hair- Bumble & bumble gentle shampoo, Bumble & bumble super rich conditioner, Bedhead Cocky thickening cream, and Davines Wizard No. 5 Matt Pliable Putty (because hotel stuff usually sucks and my stylist recently sold me on this putty because it helps my hair do whatever I want it to)
  • body- Kiehl's body lotion (I'm okay with using hotel soap.)
  • face- Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser and face moisturizer (I had a sample of the cleanser and the moisturizer is what I use for day).
  • teeth- Sensodyne toothpaste, floss (though I'm bad about flossing), and a toothbrush
  • make up- Laura Mercier eyebrow makeup, Chanel Inimitable mascara, Make Up For Ever blush and a couple blue eyeliners, Shu Uemura olive eyeliner, and Hourglass lipgloss (these are my bare mininum staples minus the eyeliners; the eyeliners are just in case I want a little more color)
  • razor, nail clippers, tweezers, make up brushes, eyelash curler, hair brush, laundry detergent and who knows what else (all things are acceptable by TSA for carry on)

clothes and whatnot

  • tops- 2 v-neck tees, a camisole, and a tank
  • bottoms- 2 pairs of jeans (I thought about shorts and drawstring pants but since I don't usually wear them, I said PASS)
  • dresses- one "beach" dress (to wear over swimsuit), one day dress, and one evening dress
  • sleep- a nightgown; and 3 tanks, 1 sweat shorts, and 1 sweat pants (the latter three can be worn to work out because I plan on taking advantage of their gym)
  • shoes- my trusty Roberto del Carlos, a pair of flip flops, and tennis shoes (for the gym and zip lining)
  • swimsuits- 2 tankinis, 2 bottoms, and a one piece (I just picked up the Rogan zebra print on sale)
  • pashmina, favorite jewelry (if you are a regular reader, you would guess correctly about what I bought), and 1 work out tank

(After writing all these, I realize that I forgot belts. I still have room to stick one in my bag so I'm bringing one.)

So... all of this fit in my carry on. I think I would have to declare myself the most efficient packer. I still feel like I brought a lot but since I still have room in my bag, I did okay. But my bag is a bit heavy... damn it, I might have to check in.

I still have my "personal" bag. I don't usually carry my purse. I carry a bigger bag and stick my purse in it. For this trip, I'm bringing my mini Malababa bag. I don't need to carry a big bag; just something enough to carry my wallet, my phone, my camera, and some lip gloss. Aside from my purse, the bag is also holding a book (that I want to blog about later), some magazines, my iPod Touch, camera, sunglasses, and a travel blanket and pillow. You heard me... I bring a travel blanket and pillow with me. I have a hard time sleeping in any bed but my own (unless it's a Westin Heavenly bed or at the Four Seasons and I'm not staying at either) so having something familiar just makes it a bit easier.

This post didn't go exactly as planned (though I didn't really have a plan at all). I wanted to give travelling advice and list essential items. I kind of did that. At some moments, I got overly detailed but I'm not about to edit that.

If I think of something else, I'll include it in the morning.

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