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Monday, June 2, 2008


I spent the whole day cleaning that when Hubby came home and said, "Let's get pedicures," I couldn't think too much about what I was going to wear. You maybe thinking that the suggestion was out of the blue but I asked him yesterday if he wanted to get a pedicure. I like that he doesn't mind going. Sometimes, I try to sneak in a brow wax for him, too. Secretly, I think he knows it makes him look sharper.

Rogan for Target tee
Gap leggings
MICHAEL Michael Kors sandals
Tom Ford sunglasses
Andrea Brueckner handbag
Vita bangle
gold bangles from Mom

1 comment:

Fruchtzwerg said...

Oh, your t-shirt is so nice! I like the print. I've never get any pedicures or manicures but it sounds as you had fun :)