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Friday, June 6, 2008

i wish you were mine

It would be by chance that I would discover these shoes and it would be by chance that I cannot find them anymore. Okay, so it's not chance that I cannot find them because they are last season shoes.

I haven't bought anything from eBay in a long while (except for this week), but on ocassion, I like to browse. I was checking out the shoe selection and ran into a pair of Farylrobin heels. I've never even looked twice at anything by this label. One thing led to another and I started looking for Farylrobin shoes. It was then I would discover Asti, a beautiful pair of Farylrobin wedges with cutout and peeptoe details (among other shoes from them; oh no, a new fascination has developed).

Why have I been teased by you? I can't find you anywhere and you are exactly what I'm needing. I know there is some store somewhere around the world that still has you in a size 7 but nowhere on the internet. I will have to rely on eBay for you to be discovered. I wish you were mine.

Farylrobin Asti in mouse grey (also sold in black)

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