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Friday, June 13, 2008

i wish you were mine

There are two things that I have been obsessing about lately- shoes and scarves. I can't stop thinking about them.... no seriously, I can't stop thinking about them! Scarves add some sophistication to an outfit and shoes, well,... are shoes. You can't really have enough of them.

This is not the first time I've blogged about the Rachel Comey Ackee pair and I highly doubt it will be the last. I look at them and I turn soft like butter. I dream about them between my workouts on my Wii Fit, during commercial breaks of my reality tv fixes, or when I take breaks between trying to get my home in order (that doesn't seem like that's going to happen).

When I finally put my foot down and decide to get them, I can't (and believe me, I've tried) find my size anywhere. I've called and emailed every retailer I can find that carries Rachel Comey and so far, no good. I'm still waiting for replies from a few but it doesn't seem as if luck is on my side this time. Aren't they dreamy?

Rachel Comey Ackee $295

So maybe the Ackee aren't for me... do you think the Dr. Bird clog sandals make a nice substitute? I love them almost as much as I do the Ackee. I just figure the Ackee would be easier to wear in the long run and transition better through seasons. The honey pair with red beads scream warm days and strolls under the bright sun while the black pair possibly say- You can wear me through the fall. What do you think?

Dr. Bird clog sandal $324

I WILL make a Rachel Comey purchase. I'm itching for a pair of her shoes.


Anonymous said...

try jonathan and olivia for ackee clogs

wroxton said...

Believe me, I did. They had nothing left in Rachel Comey in my size at all. They did send me some pics of shoes that they had available but none of them interested me.

This week, I did get an email from another e-retailer that they will be getting one back in that is being returned from England if I want to wait for them.

Thanks for trying to help.