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Friday, June 20, 2008

i wish you were mine

I've always wanted a Balenciaga but I don't think there was any retailer that carried them in my part of the woods until Barneys decided to come back about two years ago. Since then, when I occassionally walk through Barneys, I like to admire what they've got. Last fall, I remember ogling a beautiful green city tote but it was gone as soon as it arrived. There is nothing stopping me from getting a Balenciaga now but the price. Why do pretty handbags have to be so freakin' expensive? 5-7 pairs of shoes from Barneys or a Balenciaga? I say pairs and pairs of shoes. Still... I wish you were mine. Maybe, some day, I will justify spending so much on you.

giant brief $1595
mini compagnon (to match) $495

city $1295
mini compagnon (to match) $495

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