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Thursday, June 19, 2008

i'm easily influenced

Sometimes, I see something on someone (celebrity or not) that I like and I need to know more about it. If she is right there, I will stop to ask her what it is and where she got it. I've even asked if I could take a picture with my phone camera so I can remember the details (seriously). If it's something I see on a celebrity, I will scour the whole wide web for it. Infamous character Carrie Bradshaw is one of those people that has oftentimes influenced my purchasing habits.

When I saw her wear the Gucci waist belt bag, I had to have it. At the time, I didn't like brown or beige so I opted for the black version. It wasn't difficult to find. I just went to my local Neiman Marcus and there it was. I think that was four or five years ago. Now, I want the beige/ brown version but I'm in no hurry.

Then, I tried to get the infamous nameplate necklace. Trying to skip corners, I looked on eBay and tried to find the best deal out there. I had STUPID written on my forehead because going cheap was a bad decision. It was made of very thin gold... cheap, flimsy, and fragile as an egg. Don't shoot me... I was much younger then and thus, not so wise as I am now (ha ha, yeah right!).

I haven't had an interest in replacing the necklace until now. I decided to pick one up from Patricia Field because who knows better what it should look like than her. She better make it right, too.

custom Carrie nameplate necklace $189
(but with my name, of course)

Okay... and for the real purpose of this post. I got the replica Carrie belt from the "Sex and the City" movie. I haven't even seen the movie yet but I have seen enough pictures to know that I wanted it. Of course, I could have gotten a studded belt from one of those cheapie stores but that isn't my style. And don't call me a wannabe... okay, maybe I am (a little bit). But Carrie (Sarah) is just so cool. Who wouldn't want to be her?

Many of my fellow bloggers have jumped on the studded bandwagon but in different ways. It could be those studded boots from Trash & Vaudville or studded booties a la Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2007. But I like something a bit more understated and I want to like them a few years from now. So, with this belt, I'm getting my studded fix. It won't be until July before I get it but that's okay.

Carrie's studded belt $120
(picture from FabSugar)

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