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Friday, June 27, 2008

new things

I almost didn't make it to the Sales Girl Dallas "road trip" today. It was much farther north than I realized and I went up and down the Tollway totally clueless where I was suppose to go. All I knew it was off the Tollway and I kept thinking I passed it when I didn't. That wasn't fun at all. After an hour, I finally made it... just 20 minutes before it was closing. The lady was really kind and said- no worries... you have 30 minutes.

I was disappointed in the selection but that was probably a good thing. I still found three great deals. I was kindly given more than 80% off on two of the items, too. I can't wait to wear them!

LaRok "Cecia' top- originally $200, purchased for $40
(But I thought it was a dress?)

Built by Wendy sparkle party dress- originally $230, purchased for $40
(It has tiny polka dots.)

J. Lindeberg 'Petronella' ultimate tux vest- originally $205, purchased for $30


Fruchtzwerg said...

WOW, these are a real good bargain. Great deals! I think the first "dress" can be worn as dress and even it's too short for you, you could combine it with leggins.

wroxton said...

The first dress hits right above my knee so it's not too short at all. I looked it up online and it hit mid-thigh on all the models. I think it will be really cute belted. I'm so excited about my purchases. I was undecided about the vest but since she gave me an extra 5% off, it was a deal decider.

MONI said...

I love that vest!!