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Saturday, June 28, 2008

target go international private label collection 2

Target is spitting out Go Collections faster than I can say, "Go Collection." Tomorrow, they release their next Private Label Collection. My local Super Target likes to put the line out early so I went this afternoon. I was left with less than half empty racks that have been well picked. Many pieces I didn't even see at all. That isn't to say there wasn't anything for me to try on. I was surprisingly pleased with the whole line (or what was left of it). When I first saw press release pictures of it, I was less than impressed because it was ruffly and filled with tropical colors. Don't let the pictures fool you or the polyester material. I found many of the pieces well-made, consisting of breathable material, and very flattering.

When I left, I came out with two cowlneck tanks (one in a floral print and one in orange which looks more like red; I like the ties at the end of the straps and the easy drape of the body), a camisole in floral print (it has an elastic bottom to give it a fun shape), and the multi-layer ruffle skirt (which I didn't expect to like at all). Oh... and I picked up some clearance Rogan pieces, too (because when things go on sale, they suddenly become so much more attractive).

First thing in the morning, I will be checking out the Target website to see what else I have in store for me.

Tiered Ruffle Dress $39.99
Button-Front One-Shoulder Ruffle Top $22.99
Tiered Ruffle Miniskirt $26.99
Cowlneck Tank $24.99
Stripe-Back Tank $14.99
Slash-Pocket Shorts $24.99
Ruffle Tank Dress $34.99

Double Breasted Linen Jacket $44.99
Tiered Ruffle Top $29.99
Slash-Pocket Shorts $24.99
Camisole $29.99
Double-Layer Stripe-Back Tank $16.99
Linen Shorts $26.99
Stripe Dress $29.99
Camisole $22.99
Graphic Tee $17.99
Wide-Leg Linen Pants $39.99

Pleated Poet Top $24.99
Ribbed Tank $14.99
Multi-Layer Ruffle Skirt $29.99
Cowlneck Tank $24.99
Stripe-Back Tank $14.99
High-Waist Gauze Skirt $26.99
Button-Front Tank with Pockets $19.99
Embroidered Tank $16.99
Wide-Leg Linen Pants $39.99
Button-Front Tank with Pockets $19.99
Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Top $16.99
Ruffle Bikini Bottom $16.99

Drop Waist Ruffle Dress $26.99
Embroidered Tank $16.99
Stripe Back Tank $14.99
Flounce Miniskirt $26.99
Button-Front Ruffle Dress $29.99
Romper Dress $34.99


issa said...

hey there!! thanks for stopping by! i finally decided to start one up, and got it set up the other day! i doubt i'll update as often as you do though! and i totally saw the new line at my local target too and was thinking of blogging about it but i see you beat me to the punch! hope all is well

wroxton said...

Blog away about this new GO collection because I know I'm not the first. I can't wait for it to go up online because there were a few other things I wanted to check out but they were not at the store.

Poster Girl said...

It sounds like the line was more popular at your store than at the stores near me. I confess that I bought at least 10 pieces, and visited several stores. Perhaps I went overboard with the florals? I really liked the midnight floral print! What I didn't find in person I bought online. How does the ruffled skirt fit, by the way?

wroxton said...

Hey, I am in Puerto Vallarta right now but got a chance to check my email (courtesy of my cousin). I think the skirt fits well. It will sit higher or lower depending on what size you get it. You can go a size down and it will fit. I can´t wait to wear it.