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Thursday, July 17, 2008

alert the press! shop bird

It would be luck that I would discover this. Or maybe it was just boredom. I'm sitting in front of the TV with nothing to watch, I have read up on all blogs of interest, I spent most of the day cleaning the h*** out of my home, and am too lazy to fold the laundry that I did or work out with Wii Fit. So... I randomly decide to look at pretty clothes from bird. What the ****? EVERYTHING IS 50% OFF. They have a crazy selection of the best designers. I stopped browsing long enough to share the news with you but I'm going back to bird ASAP. Damn sales!!!


Jessica said...

Did you go to the store? I may have to drop by. TEMPTING!

wroxton said...

Jessica, I should be so lucky. I am not in NYC but the whole website looks like its on sale, too. I was hoping to find some Mayle and Rachel Comey pieces but many others have already taken advantage of their sale before me. If you go and buy something, share your purchase story with me!