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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

feeling ugh

The thing I hate most about getting dressed during summer days is my love/ hate relationship with sleeveless anything. Everything I love is sleeveless but I hate my arms so trying to find a balance is difficult. After coming back from Puerto Vallarta, I also feel like I have gained 10 lb (in reality, quite possible 5 lb) and I feel like yuck. If I was thinner (I don't care to be skinny), I would be having so much fun with clothes. But since I'm not, it's more like torture.

I was going to wear heels today but my Roberto del Carlo are needing a shoe doctor (the heel of one of them is damaged) and other pairs weren't working. I could have pulled out my new Manolo Blahniks that have sitting in my closet but I decided today wasn't the day to debut them. Since I'm only running errands, I've chosen to wear my Havianas. I don't think flip flops are taboo on hot summer days... especially, a gold pair.

Anthropologie top , Madewell cardigan, Goldsign jeans, Havianas flip flops, F21 cuff

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issa said...

love that cardigan!!