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Monday, July 14, 2008

i want feathers in my hair

When I first saw these hair sticks, I just thought they were the coolest thing ever (I can't believe I just typed that statement). If only I had hair to use them with, but I don't. No matter. They disappeared from the Urban Outfitters website as soon as I found them. Maybe you can still find them at your local storefront if you're lucky.

Then I saw these... a much better substitute for my interest since I can have as much or as little hair as I want. They are pretty skinny feather headbands. They will help me get in touch with my inner bird.


Diabolina said...

bought some of these a few months ago and another this weekend. ugh but I fear I am too old and not indie enough. boo!

wroxton said...

I highly doubt you are too old. I think the headbands could be dressed up or down so it has nothing to do with indie. How do you like them? Are they comfortable?